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Videographer Al Agua Cinema
Miami, FL, United States
Videographer Maurice O'Carroll
Doublin, Ireland
Videographer The Wedding Filmmakers
London, United Kingdom
Videographer Colin Beattie
Colchester, United Kingdom
Videographer Lexus Studios
Boston, MA, United States
Videographer elis kruja
London, United Kingdom
Video of the day
22 January 2017
Videographer Eliabe Campos Santos from Porto, Portugal - “Margareth”, corporate video, erotic, reporting, wedding
Videographer Eliabe Campos Santos
Porto, Portugal
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Video of the day
21 January 2017
Videographer Francisco Troyano from Jaen, Spain - MyR y una boda, advertizing, reporting, showreel, wedding
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Video of the day
20 January 2017
Videographer Bernardo Migliaccio Spina from Rome, Italy - THE GEOMETRY OF WHITE, corporate video, event, reporting
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Video of the day
19 January 2017
Videographer Henrique Ogata No3 Filmes from San Paolo, Brazil - Showreel 2016, showreel, wedding
Videographer Henrique Ogata No3 Filmes
San Paolo, Brazil
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Video of the day
18 January 2017
Videographer baba 3D studio from Skopje, Macedonia - Caruso …, SDE, engagement, wedding
Videographer baba 3D studio
Skopje, Macedonia
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Video of the day
17 January 2017
Videographer Sergei Checha from Minsk, Belarus - PENTALOGY, event, reporting, wedding
Videographer Sergei Checha
Minsk, Belarus
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Video of the day
16 January 2017
Videographer Steve Hood from London, United Kingdom - Kelly & Jethro - Hengrave Hall England, wedding
Videographer Steve Hood
London, United Kingdom
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Annual professional award
WEVA Award 2016

Best Videographer

Annual highest title for a videographer
who also is a cameraman, a video editor
and a designer all in one.


$30.00 for all nominations.
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Entry submission:15 January — 14 February 2017
Judging:15 — 26 February 2017
Announcement of the winners:27 February 2017