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Прага, Чехия
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Chinese wedding in France: Venus & Jimmy // Chateau Challain

I’m really happy to introduce you an amazing destination wedding video captured by our team at the Chateau Challain. You couldn’t even imagine how beautiful, warm and touching was this wedding day of Venus and Jimmy - a chinese couple, who flew several thousand kilometers to celebrate their Big Day in a chic French castle. Their guests arrived from China, Vietnam, Japan and Singapore to become a part of the great event and to witness Venus and Jimmy marriage in the heart of France.
Every detail on the wedding day breathed of coziness and charm. Even sweet cookies with guests names on the top were replaced formal cards on the table. During the reception dinner there were proclaimed a lot of speeches from friends and relatives of the bride and groom. For me as a wedding videographer in France it was a pleasure to shoot the video in such warm and friendly atmosphere.
Filmed by Alexander Znaharchuk & Kristina Kremko - http://www.Znaharchuk.com
Location: Chateau Challain, France - http://www.chateauchallain.com/
Planning by Cynthia Nicholson
Photorapher: Julien Scussel - http://www.julienscussel.com
Entertainment show: Enigma-Art - http://enigma-art.com.pl
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