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Gisa + Jorge | Engagement | Snow Session in Helsinki and Porvoo, Finland

very important part of all creative work is the constant search for challenges. When you get out of your comfort zone you always find new ideas and new ways of working.
One of the defining details of Happy Together’s work is certainly the time of the year when the majority of our labour is done. Summer. Long and hot days, plenty of sunshine and many afternoons with that gorgeous golden light.One of the challenges we always wanted for us was to film during harsh winter. We wanted the experience of filming with cold, snow, small days and darkness.
Gisa and Jorge decided to get married in Portugal and they live in Helsinki, Finland. In the first meeting we had with them they talked about having a film to show their Brazilian and Portuguese families the city they chose to call home.
They wanted to show the harshness of winter, the house were they live, Söpö (their super cute cat) and how it is to live in a cold Capital of the north of Europe.
We accepted the challenge and in January we travelled to Helsinki to meet Gisa and Jorge. On the day we arrived the temperature was -20ºC. On the second day it was -26ºC! Really really cold and a lot of snow. Gisa and Jorge welcomed us as we were family and gave us all we could ask for and more.
There were many memorable moments on this trip, but 2 were definitely special. The boat trip we all made to Suomenlinna through the completely frozen sea and the day we spent in Poorvo.
Poorvo is a small city 50 minutes away from Helsinki. It’s famous for the typical red houses with swedish influence near the river. Throughout the day we spent in Porvoo filming with Gisa and Jorge, snow fell heavily.
From our walk over the frozen river to the forest near Poorvo, everything was snow and ice.
See the film to get to know a little bit of this very special couple and to see the beauty of Helsinki and Poorvo during the peak of winter.
Crossing the frozen sea on a boat trip, walking over the frozen river, snow angels, wearing two pairs of gloves and still having our hands freezing cold, surviving -26ºC, visiting Poorvo on a heavy snow day… We will always have Poorvo and Helsinki has one of our best experiences. Always.


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