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77 participants
Description: specialist in the field
of recording and sound-design,
which videos contains better
and more interesting soundtracks.
Evaluated: cutting of video episodes
from real weddings.
Duration: maximum 2 minutes.


Riccardo Fasoli
Hlavní soudci
Riccardo Fasoli
Düsseldorf, Německo
The Best Videographer 2018. "I love storytelling... The most of the time I capture and edit weddings, but I love also to create imagefilm that has a message, I like to tell stories, I like to describe emotions with motions".
Lenny Pellico
Hlavní soudci
Lenny Pellico
Boloňa, Itálie
The Best Walk 2017, 2nd place Best Videoeditor, wedding photographer and sometimes a musician from Italy.
Dmitry Sedov
Dmitry Sedov
Moskva, Rusko
Founder of the WEVA, videographer, designer, coach
Alex Colom
Alex Colom
Barcelona, Španělsko
An experienced professional, videographer, owner of a well-known video studio, master of storytelling and emotional films creator.
Lukasz Kujawski
Lukasz Kujawski
Varšava, Polsko
We are ready for your requirements, inquiries, individual ideas to create a beautiful picture that will in the future provide many lucky returns on That Day. Respectfully and sincerely devoted, the Wedding Studios team


WEVA Award 2018 - Nejlepší zvukař - Cuanto más se da, más se tiene
Videographer Tomás Cristóbal (Španělsko, Calahorra)