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Blerina & Erind

Erind and Blerina story is great ! They choose 3 as a main lucky number in life. They meet on 3rd, kissed after 3 days, married on 3rd March and so on.. For this wedding we collaborate all in three, Alvaro as a second camera, Bevis from Fusha Photographics and me; Elis Kruja of Wedding Line, big applause for third scenario!
There was only one problem, I failed to conclude strictly 3 minutes of this lovely clip :( But no worries, the story continues. Hopefully Erind and Blerina will make three kids in the future to continue with the 3rd dynasty and their luck in life.
Enjoy their performance ! Thank you guys, you are the best and you know it.
Camera - Elis Kruja
Video Editor - Alvaro Gjika


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