Annual professional award


Wedding genres

Best Engagement

95 participants
Description: video with any episode contains the love story or wedding preparation except the wedding itself.
Evaluated: cutting of video episodes
from one love story.
Duration: maximum 5 minutes.


George Zorbas
George Zorbas
Athens, Greece
I am a filmmaker that loves to travel all over the world and tell stories with unique perspective.
Maru Films
Maru Films
Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Best Videographer 2016 / Destination wedding videographers based in Amsterdam.
Artem Korchagin
Artem Korchagin
N. Novgorod, Russia
One of the most eminent Russian videographers, who repeatedly won in local and international competitions.
Gione da Silva
Gione da Silva
Ipswich, United Kingdom
An artist at heart, always fascinated with people and their uniqueness. The Best Videographer of the UK
Reticencias Production
Reticencias Production
Porto, Portugal
One of the most active and modern studios in Portugal, known and positive Pedroel Pinto
Dmitry Sedov
Dmitry Sedov
Moscow, Russia
Founder of the biggest videographers association in Russia, producer, videographer with 20 years of experience.
Moc Nguyen
Moc Nguyen
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Destination Wedding Filmmaker based in Vietnam. Canon Vietnam’s Ambassador
Yekaterinburg, Russia
We are happy that we have the opportunity to save the most important moments of people's lives on video.


WEVA Award 2017 - Best Engagement - Love Story
Videographer Mikhail Konoplev (Russia, Moscow)
WEVA Award 2017 - Best Engagement - Dima&Vasilina Love Story
Videographer Portrait Video Studio (Ukraine, Kiev)
WEVA Award 2017 - Best Engagement - EUSEBIU & ANA
Videographer Marian Croitoru (Moldova, Chisinau)
WEVA Award 2017 - Best Engagement - Andrey and Elena || Lovestory
Videographer Avatarfilms (Russia, Perm)
WEVA Award 2017 - Best Engagement - Algo me decía que era él
Videographer Tomás Cristóbal (Spain, Calahorra)
WEVA Award 2017 - Best Engagement - Nicholas & Ann
Videographer Indie Breeze Films (Belarus, Minsk)
WEVA Award 2017 - Best Engagement - MIRIAM & DAVID / PREBODA
Videographer Rod&Cone R&C (Spain, Madrid)
WEVA Award 2017 - Best Engagement - W|W Elena&Borja - Wed Intro
Videographer Wed in White (Spain, Zaragoza)
WEVA Award 2017 - Best Engagement - Baris & Samra - YOU SEE THE BEST OF ME
Videographer Logic FreeMind (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bihac)