Videographer Logic FreeMind

WEVA interview with wedding videographer Logic FreeMind from Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Do you work alone or you have a team? Tell about yourself and your studio.
Ever since I started doing this job I've been working in team with at least one more person. In my country it's hard to keep a fixed team, because of the moving trend to other countries that took of lately. So from 5 people that I worked up until now, some already left and some are also planning to go. So this year, mainly it was just the two of us.
I am one of the founders and by now the only owner of Lookman film and I would dare to say that we are one of the pioneers in our region when it comes to modern shooting and editing wedding videos.
For how long do you work as a wedding videographer? Where do you work (office or Internet)?
If I count everything in all together, it's been four years thus far. The structure and environment of my working place changes, depending on the job and time of year and I am very flexible in regards to that. Usually, from spring throughout the summer and until winter I work from an office, but it doesn't have to be the case always, if I have spare time between weddings I take on some freelance projects as well.

As for internet, that's an inevitable factor when we talk about this job and all the more reason for me to use it for various reasons like communicating and reaching out to clients and partners, showcasing and uploading my craft on social networks or webpages, as well as for further developing and education.
How there was an idea to become the wedding videographer?
Everything began five years ago, together with a colleague I bought my first DSLR and started making clips for my dance club.
At first, we were using photography and video to follow and support the crew and kids from the dance club on their events, competitions, and trips.

Then we got an idea, let's start recording weddings. At that time we had no real example from someone in our region of how to get the job done nor anyone to inspire or teach us. Actually, people started laughing at us when they saw what kind of equipment we were using, since the majority back then was still using VHS cassettes which content they would convert to digital form afterward. We were different, but we knew we could do this a lot better, and that's the very reason why we started and continued working.
After we created an official Facebook page, we started uploading and presenting our content on the internet; we had made a difference which could be quickly noticed on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

With a time, of course, we learned, improved and picked up new things. Now when I look back we looked so hilarious in every possible way, we were doing video and photography for 100€ and were super happy about it. Literally, we had no idea about the form and tradition of weddings until we actually started doing them, but we've always kept the enthusiasm towards learning new things and improving. And still today we work with average equipment, but still, we are very happy and grateful for every new lens, battery, monitor, GPU etc. But soon I'll have the equipment that I've always wanted and dreamed about.
What is your favourite part of work? What other directions of business do you develop except of video filming?
Video editing definitely, by many considered the hardest and most creative part of the job.

I am like a video editing machine, at the end of the year when I take a look at the list of projects I've done, honestly, there is no realistic time base to even consider doing such an amount of work. On average I record and edit 70 videos, and I take on 10 -15 freelance videos at least. To finish up, some take 15 days, and others just a day. Aside of shooting weddings, I do collaborative and commercial videos, as well a music videos, concerts, announcements and as a freelancer I did documentary and feature film.
Since I've been a dancer for the last 10 years, as all break dancers I spin on my head a lot :) I love music and rhythm, dynamic and in most case music is my guide throughout my work.

Considering the fact that I am the leader of LookmanFilm, who has only one video editor in my backup. I find myself quite challenged balancing between work, promotions, meetings, business communication; the part that requires public presence and availability on one end and on the other creative video editing which for me personally requires silence, focus and solitude.

Since I am doing this fulltime, looking at it from a perspective of growth, I wanted to grow on as many fields as possible, regarding shooting videos and of course different video editing software. That being said, as of now I am reaching a certain level where I can be satisfied and proud at what I do, also adding and implementing new things to my work aside shooting and video editing, it's tough but I am doing my best.
How you think if WEVA unites all best colleagues, can it make our work better and help videography?
Weva is absolutely doing a remarkable job. I don't know of any other page or service with a similar form, gathering as many people who work with videos, that's a big deal all the way. Weva opened a path to a place for all filmmakers where we can all grow and learn together in a new industry like this.

I've been a member just for a year so far, but I already feel amazing progress, there is like a lot of cool stuff and it's easy to get inspired when you have the virtual library full of epic footage. Everyone is pumped and up to for sharing their experience and knowledge. WEVA also does a great job offering different types of competitions for the community.
What do you think of the results of WEVA Award?
I remember there were literally thousands of papers, the judges had a lot to do, that being said they deserve so much respect. My regards and best wishes to all who were awarded. Every winning video had so much soul and their own unique mark. I was especially happy to see that people were open to different styles and types of video looks.

The winners pushed their boundaries and showed their craft, that's what matters the most
Would you like to tell something to your colleagues?
It's amazing to see you all gathered in a place like this. Continue doing what you are doing, do it with love, always push yourself to do more, always strive to achieve better next time, and stay hungry, stay foolish.


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