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Style Wedding (Peaky Blinders)

Why not make a sharp-edged wedding?
Thought and done)
Every year, all the benefits of this world are becoming easier and more accessible) yes, something is more expensive and something is cheaper.
But if you watched this video you can draw your own conclusions.
The wedding day may be what you want.
I myself will get married on 10.10 and tell you that we have not yet figured out what we want, because the choice is simply huge.
Now I’ll tell you the great secret of all videographers - we don’t need 14 hours of shooting and closer to 12 at night we are already killed just hold the camera (forget about creativity at this moment)
You can order shooting for 10 hours or less, and get better material. Trite make a normal schedule of the day. No fees at 8 in the morning, when the stylist comes to you at 6 in the morning.
 You at this moment everyone hates, even relatives, only they can smooth the situation and drink alcohol)
Many will say this is work, so you have to endure. I will answer, but such a fuck.
Once I had to work as a janitor for a month and get up 30 days in a row at 4 in the morning and clining 3 km of the street. I could get up with empty eyes and barely dragging my legs, gritted teeth with the only strength of mind to wave this broom. Plus minus the result was always satisfactory.
When shooting a wedding, alas, I can’t. Hundreds of variables, some of which are born only for a moment, and if you do not have time to seize the moment inside this stream, then you are no longer a videographer, but simply a man with a camera to overweight.
That’s why I love this craft, it’s impossible to just sit there like on many other works)
Therefore, if you need video shooting at a specific time, then just multiply An hour at 50 usd/hour in and I am yours)
I’m also ready to mount your weddings, and it doesn’t matter where in the world they were removed, we will find a common language with you) Google to help
Everyone, Peace!


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