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Showreel 2019

What does “classic” mean? For some reason, in the world of wedding video, this term means a large number of staged shots: the bride by the window, the endless tumbling of cufflinks, shoes, earrings and
the flights through the hall showing the decor, all this under the pathos soundtrack and in general everything as a result is more like an advertisement for perfumes.
I would not call it a classic, I would call it a standard. And this is not bad! Someone needs just such a video. Someone will be delighted with just such a feed. But why exactly such a format is eternal? "That which is not ashamed to show to your children." .
The style of the video (and if you take it more broadly, the overall style of the wedding) should correctly convey the atmosphere and those feelings that were close to you in this very specific period of time.
If at the moment you like to go to rock concerts, hang out with friends in bars and ride longboards, is it not strange to watch in a video from your wedding watching you dance in a self-proclaimed dance, shrouded in heavy smoke under the pathos sound from Hollywood blockbuster? And all this is only because after 20 years you will change, become serious people and it will be ridiculous to look at all these nonsense that you liked then. But just change?)) And if so, what to do all this time? Wait when you “grow” to your video?)).
Quality is what really matters! If the work is done efficiently, then it will not lose its relevance and will not look ridiculous in one year or in twenty. .
I called my style - Wildly and Mentally. This is when I don’t want to crawl and run around the banquet hall to catch some kind of bomb shot. I’m not ashamed to let a tear during a touching moment even though I am a bearded “almost” two-meter uncle. This is the soul of my work, who cares what will think, I want sincerity from my work. So while watching your movie you laugh and cuss, and cry.
Therefore, if you need a person who will make you “dearly rich” this is not for me. If you are sincere in your feelings and want an epic soulful wedding film, you are welcome in private messages, and even better right away


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