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22 February 2013
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24 February 2013
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5 January 2012
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3 January 2012
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3 January 2012
Videographer Bojan Mitkovski
Bitola, North Macedonia
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Maja & Zeljko - An der Donau

Filmed by Bojan and Dalibor Mitkovski, Zaga Production, Bitola, Macedonia.
It was a great pleasure to work on Maja and Zeljko\'s wedding in Ulm, Germany. This wonderful couple, the old town of Ulm, and the blue Dunav river inspired us beyond limits. So we made a fairytale, hope you\'ll enjoy every second of it.


    • Videographer Avatarfilms
      That's what your video inspired us to learn to shoot a little less than two years ago, when we started shooting our first videos)) Thank you, guys =))
      · · 0
      • Videographer Bojan Mitkovski
        It's a great pleasure that we inspired you to do that, hope you'll have many success in future.
        · 0
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