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ProStudio :: ENGLAND :: Masha & Jonny
Wedding: British-Russian
Location: Stapleford & London, United Kingdom
Wedding venue: Stapleford Park Country House
1st Unit DP: Marcin Zakrzewski; 2nd Unit DP: Justyna Zakrzewska
"When they met our grandma said: Masha he loves you, he is respectful towards to you but the main things is - he is handsome".
Masha's father gave certainly one of the best speeches that evening.
Jonny and Masha marked their wedding by celebrating it at Stapleford Park Country House Hotel. The estate sits in the heart of England in Leicestershire and is surrounded by a magnificent 500 acres of landscaped grounds. They easily integrated both their cultures and made the reception unforgettable.
Prepare yourself for the big doze of humor and emotions as there are many stories to hear. If you eager to learn more press play.
Когда они встретились с Ма


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