Videographer Sergey Andreev
Moscow, Russia
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#BolshoiWedding Artem&Anna.

Infinity...It's so long and difficult to imagine. Only stars deserve it...In this Clip, ballet stars took their chance for endless love. Sincere declarations of love, shining eyes and grace in every movement is a godsend for a videographer. Eight long years they've been testing their relationship until the moment when both realized that it's high time to pronounce the sacred words.
A large team of specialists has worked for this day.Everything was decorated and thought out to the smallest details. A real palace decorated with flowers was built for the wedding. A huge raft for the groom's amazing arrival was constructed. The project was very ambitious and grandiose. It made a great impression. The width of Russian soul was felt in it. No wonder that the ballet is a symbol of Russia all over the world!
I'm glad that I was able to be a part of this event. At the same time, the most important thing for me was not to lose sincere feelings of the characters, be able to submit their tender love through glances, movements and touches in the video. To film so that the viewer will feel the atmosphere of the wedding with the main characters in the foreground! Not often you see such talented and brave couple, so the video matches them perfectly.
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