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3 February 2018
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1 May 2017
Video of the day
1 May 2017
Videographer Diego Ortuso
Rome, Italy
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Kiss me goodnight! | Wedding Film in Rome

Alex and Kylie came from New York to get married in Rome, they were surrounded by their families and friends and welcomed by the tipical italian warm climate. What a wonderful wedding! They chose ‘La posta vecchia’ Hotel to make the preparations, then the ‘Basilica Santa Maria del Popolo’ for the ceremony, an ancient and beautiful church with a ‘Caravaggio’ in it. Just the time to take some pictures in front of the ‘Basilia di San Pietro’ and they moved to ‘La posta vecchia’ on a vintage Fiat 500! We were with them to film their ‘Day’, to capture the best moments and to give them a unique memory, made with love and passion, as it was their wedding!
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