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Enchanting. Pure. Intimate | Chelsey & Yuriy

Chelsey & Yuriy - July 14, 2017
Filmed + Edited by: Nick Schafer - Fresh Finish Media
Music licensed through MusicBed
I have three words... Enchanting. Pure. Intimate.
I can honestly say, in all my years of documenting love stories, I have never seen a couple more intensely in love as Chelsey and Yuriy. Each time they looked into each other's eyes they seemingly fell further and further in love. Their intimate, bohemian elopement was absolute perfection! It was such a pleasure to capture their love and showcase their wild-spirited personalities.
During the time I spent with this couple (over the course of two days) I feel like I have got to know them so well and have gained two new friends for life. We really connected, which I believe brought this film to a whole new level. Chelsey and Yuriy, thank you for placing trust in me to capture such special moments and thank you for being your true, raw, authentic selves, which allowed me to create such a genuine representation of your love. Congratulations to you both!


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