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8 May 2017
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9 February 2017
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Videographer Alexander Znaharchuk
Prague, Czech Republic
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Chinese wedding in France: JingJing & Ethan / Chateau Challain

That season is really popular among couples who decided to organize a destination wedding. We are happy to share with you the wedding video we shot in spring – a chateau wedding in France of Jing Jing and Ethan.
Welcome to Chateau Challain for another breathtaking, well planned and unique Big Day that I’m proud to have taken part of. The couple came all the way from China to have their dream destination wedding in France and I’m pleased they chose me as their videographer. Thank you guys for being so adorable on the day! Enjoy your life.
Filmed by Alexander Znaharchuk & Kristina Kremko -
Location: Chateau Challain, France -
Planning by Cynthia Nicholson
Photorapher: Janis Ratnieks -


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