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3 February 2018
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1 May 2017
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Videographer Diego Ortuso
Rome, Italy
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Matteo & Fabiana | Wedding Trailer

"When the sky is off because of the clouds, the surface of the lake is flat and metallic. When the sun shines, the surface becomes an admirable mirror with the colors of sky and earth. The same is for man’s life when it’s turned on by love. Love changes everything, and then you love everything and see everything with new eyes."
These are the words Matteo and Fabiana chose for their marriage, and these feelings are just the ones that transpire from their being a couple. A twelve-year-long wait, that we can see in Matteo’s eyes when he sees his future bride from a distance, his life partner, his friend and lover, at whom he will promise eternal love.
It is true that with the eyes of love everything is seen differently.
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