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Videographer evergreen videografi
Rome, Italy
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UKIYO | Teaser

UKIYO | Floating world (Teaser)
This film is set in an unspecified future on UKIYO, an imaginary planet made entirely of water. UKIYO is a sentient organism-planet that is capable of thinking, of creating life, of manifesting the memories and desires of those who come in contact with it. The two people who live here could be an anthropomorphic manifestation of the planet itself, as well as their meeting that probably never really happened.
Directed by evergreen
Filmmakers Luigia Pansera, Giuseppe Colonese
Vfx and 3D compositing (planet UKIYO) Gianpaolo Rende
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Graded with FORMA Luts | SOLARIS
Photographers Kir&Ira photography
Art director and stylist Camilla Cascino
Hairstylist Frank Giacone
Hairpieces Nea Bridal
Floral design Chiara Sperti
Gown Cathytelle
Shoes (her) Bella Belle Shoes
Calligraphy Nicnillas Ink
Man suits Linneo Archivable Clothing
Location Sabaudia Torre Paola (Rome)


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