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3 February 2018
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1 May 2017
Video of the day
3 February 2018
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Videographer Diego Ortuso
Rome, Italy
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Edward & Sara

We had never filmed a Jewish wedding before, but when Edward and Sara contacted us to ask for the availability of the date we were immediately thrilled with this opportunity!
Once arrived in the wonderful location “Tenuta Pantano Borghese”, just outside Rome, we were faced with two simple and easy-going people, with whom we were immediately able to lobby in tune. After the preparations we moved on the lawn where the Jewish rite was held under the typical “chuppah”, it was a simple and exciting ritual, which has forever enshrined the union of this young couple. Thanks to the location conformation we had the opportunity to move with very freely the cameras, also we found ourselves surrounded by a group of friends and relatives very involved and eager to celebrate this union with joy and cheerfulness. We wish the best to Edward and Sara, may their life be full of that joy lived during their wedding!
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