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Videographer Alexander Znaharchuk
Prague, Czech Republic
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Chinese Wedding in France: Yang&Xingqiao // Loire Valley Castle

Filmed by Alexander Znaharchuk & Kristina Kremko - https://znaharchuk.com
Photo by Janis Ratnieks - https://www.janisratnieks.com
Wedding planner: Mei Carpentier - http://www.iriswedding-paris.com
Znaharchuk studio is owned by husband and wife with more than 10 years experience in wedding videography. We dedicate our time and experience to making high-quality luxury wedding videos. With our talented team of videographers we can shoot both small projects (an elopement wedding) and gorgeous weddings with a big entertainment program and a large number of guests.
We provide the best wedding videography production for couples who choose to have their wedding in grand style - away from home. From France, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, to the United States - among other countries globally, we are happy to provide our services anywhere your destination wedding leads you.
Anything is possible with "Znaharchuk studio" so don’t be afraid to contact us, and we can talk about the possibilities.


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