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22 — 28 January 2019
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22 — 29 January 2019
Videographer Ilia Novikov
Moscow, Russia
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dark.milk.wedding | Nelly&Dima

The story of one crazy wedding!
We are preparing for this wedding with some madness. First, Ilya Richter offers milk, a lot of milk, on the wedding day we shoot in complete darkness with one flashlight, at the Banquet an unreal cool atmosphere, we throw everything and everyone, set fire to fireworks and colored smoke right on the dance floor, at the end, as it should all jump into the pool and those who do not want it, jump too. A few days later, I understand that you need to finish the episode that would have formed a puzzle. Nelly and Dima agree. So in this video there is a bath with milk. As a result, here is a wedding video.
The video was finished long ago, but I waited a day, and it arrived today!
With this video I applied for the main wedding award of the Ural region WEDDING AWARDS URAL 2018 in the nomination "Best wedding videographer", I got into the shortlist of the finalists.
photo: Ilya Richter
video: Ilya Novikov
location: Country hotel "Greenwald", photo Studio "Rybzavod".
master of the ceremony: Roman Solin
cover-group: Bulgakov Band
coordination: Irina Sazonova
make: Maria Suntsova
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