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FILOMENA | Young & Parama Wedding Film - "White and Bright"

"Oh my...", he said.
The words came out of his mouth when he saw his wife, walking tremendously to the chapel. Her white dress and bouquet in her hand, smiling to her husband.
They were standing side by side, sometimes looking at each other and smile. He whispered to her, we don't know what he said because it was too loud. But, looking into her reaction, I think it would be "you look so beautiful, it's so bright but I don't want to close my eye because I can't stop looking at you"
We believe they were made for each other, to fulfill each other dreams, and to complete their life like how we complete each other sentence. For them, the sentence that means the most was created with 3 words. The same sentence that they told to each other that day.
"Yes, I Do"


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