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Florence, Italy
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wedding video Italy - A lifelong journey

I know, I'm repetitive! But every time I tell a love story, I feel lucky to do this job. To travel for this job! This is the story of Isa and Roberto, two lovers and travelers. Together they have traveled the world and will continue to do so for life! Their wedding was very elegant and, thanks to the help of a good Italian wedding planner, they managed to set up a fantastic location for weddings by the sea, in Italy, one of the most beautiful places to get married and realize their dream! In this video, however, I did not want to tell how beautiful the location was or how elegant this marriage was, but only the love of these two kind souls, who made me understand immediately what they wanted. Many times, we try to tell stories, which are not what we see, but stories that we imagine in our mind. I, every time, try to tell the love story as close as possible to reality. Only in this way can couples who decide to get married in Italy choose one of the best videographers in Italy.
If you have come this far, it means that you are passionate about this story. Why don't you jump on my website?


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