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Crazy wedding hightlights

As the guys sat on the splits, they threw the girl to the ceiling and in the end a whole field caught fire🤫🤔🤨 Filming this wedding was an adventure for us) The most important difference is that the bride came to us almost six months before the date and it is incredibly cool.
During this period, we managed to get to know her and even rent her class several times, but she is a teacher)
One of the criteria for the quality of video shooting is working with models and their impact, but alas, good contact sometimes cannot be achieved right away. Important hours pass and only in the middle of the day people can be liberated, because not everyone should be able to work with the camera.
In the case of Varvara, we had a huge advantage and when the wedding had some movements for timing too much stress, our teamwork did not happen and everything went perfectly. It was the killer banquet I ever attended, including a Little Big concert)
I would like to separately thank Denis and Varvara for the full dedication and such organization, and despite the wind, everything went off with a bang) ** We didn’t set fire to the field.
Special thanks to @jackblack for such a killer track that perfectly fits the wedding video. You breathtaking! Do your rock and roll next!


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