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Nelson Coelho was born 07 August 1985 in Lisbon/Portugal, but grew up and lived much of his life in Terras de Bouro, Braga, Portugal. From a very early age that the video you raised a lot of interest and with only 12 years of age, the camera was, without any shadow of a doubt, his greatest passion.
The fact that you have a cousin videografo (Carlos Coelho) facilitated the Nelson Coelho the opportunity to participate and cooperate in wedding videos since that time and with all the talent that is peculiar and recognized. Is a partner at no. 490 of APPImagem and, as a professional who is and inspired and motivated by a constant desire to learn and develop the technical participated in up to the moment in various formations in the context of the video, such as seminars and workshops, in Portugal (Annual Seminar of the APPImagem), Barcelona (RecVolution), Malaga (Bodaf) Forum of Photographers (Seville).
4 years ago decided to go to live in Luxembourg, since they hoped for new challenges and opportunities as a videographer and because he believed that it was time to give the getting to know your job and do it to expand beyond the borders. I was mistaken, and with only 4 years to reside in Luxembourg, this young, humble, has been recognized by the press of that country for their participation in exhibitions/fairs and wedding videos in different contexts.
As a videographer has already done the work in the context of advertising, participated in the work for the RTP international workshop in Italia...
But are the wedding videos to your brand image and its source of inspiration, motivation and dedication. And this is reflected in their videos, recognized by many as a work of excellence.
Won the Best Film award of Marriage, in the category of Best Film of the Foreign Marriage, in the first Festival of Short Film, Movies Wedding, held in Madrid-Spain.
Nelson Coelho gives lecture to 250 professionals in Portugal, was this year invited the first time by the Portuguese Association of Professional Image (APPI) as speaker of the ExpoFoto 2015.
"For me, Nelson Rabbit is the best. He has won the prize behind the premium and in addition to being very good at the technique, puts a lot of emotion in the work. For this reason it is the guest," explained the president of the APPI, Mark Pinto.

TOP 15 | Nelson Coelho, Luxembourg - member of the EEVA Top15 2014
Administrator WEVA speaker
Administrator WEVA speaker


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