Interview | George Pada - Atheaton Films (Chania, Greece)

George, do you work alone or you have a team? Tell about yourself and your studio.
Atheaton is a small team composed by 4 people. Me, 1 camera operator, 1 assistant editor, 1 producer. But we involve up to 8 people in some projects.
Exchange of ideas, hard work and lots – lots - lots of fun is key for such a collaborative task as filmmaking.

For how long do you work as a wedding videographer? Where do you work (office or Internet)?
I've been making wedding videos as part time job since 2006. In 2013 I gave up my job at the TV and commited myself to my own business. My post production studio is located in Chania, Crete and we book most of our events through the internet.

How there was an idea to become the wedding videographer?
I was an editor since 2005 at a local TV station. It never crossed my mind that I would become a videographer. I hated the video-ish look and I was absolutely borred from the wedding videos I've seen so far. I just never thought that there could be a (what we call today) “wedding film”.
The idea came after me and a couple of good friends while enjoying a few beers (maybe more than a few) and googling videos of all kinds stumbled upon Stillmotion's and Jason Magbanua's first wedding films. Then I found out that a cool dude in Greece (Lee Bakogiannakis) was already making awesome videos. But still I was reluctant due to the lack of cinematic capabilities that cameras back then did not enjoy (I had the Canon XH-A1). Then Robert Balasko released his “gipsy wedding” film. That was it! It clicked inside me that all the ideas I was pilling in my head and saving them for a future short film could become wedding films.

What is your favourite part of work? What other directions of business do you develop except of video filming?
My favourite part of filmmaking would be editing. In my opinion it's the hardest and most creative part of the process. My full occupation is freelance filmmaking. I do editing, directing and direction of photography in commercials and short films (as George Pada – Moving Images) and Wedding, Corporate and Commercial videography (as Atheaton Films). In the last 4 months I'm also offering consultation to new videographers from arround the world in all aspects of videography.

How you think if EEVA unites all best colleagues in Europe, can it make our work better and help videography?
When I first discovered EEVA I didn't know that there where so many videographers in Europe. It really is a collection of the finest proffessionals in the industry. The constant exchange of ideas with all these guys really helped me step up my game in the last 2 years.

What do you think of the results of wedding video сompetitions which are held by EEVA?
I think that EEVA's competitions are an amazing way to develop a healthy competitive relationship between videographers in Europe. I also think that it is the fairest of all the competitions I've participated. I'm not just saying that because I won something, I won in all the others as well :-) . I'm saying that because the judges are actually full time Videographers with extraordinary skills.

Would you like to tell something to your colleagues?
Watch movies. Don't download them all though :-). Go to the local theater at least once a week!
Ask for help from those who's work you admire.
Keep dreaming!
Administrator WEVA speaker
Administrator WEVA speaker


    • Videographer Estudio Marhea
      When we decided to start editing video, we look videos of other studies. We looked different editions. When we discovered Atheaton was like finding a reference. After of Atheaton, more professionals were popping, but the main one was the most important. Thanks Atheaton. Thanks George Pada !!
      • Videographer Atheaton Films
        Thanks for your kind words! I'm glad my work inspires you!
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