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25 de Agosto de 2014
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26 de Setembro de 2013
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Brasov, Roménia
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Laura & Dragos - Wedding Destination - Amalfi

We are both excited and overwhelmed about this wedding film, but also happy to share it with you.
It all took part on the beautiful Amalfi Coast, at Belmond Hotel Caruso in the hill town of Ravello. All these amazing views and typical Italian places were perfect in all kind of ways you can imagine.
Laura and Dragos, among with their first born, Amias decided to celebrate love and family and they did it in the most special way. It was a emotional ceremony and reception in the most beautiful scenery of Ravello.
As their journey begins now, I just wanted to show you how simple and powerful love can be. Painters have paint, writers have words, but we have images, feelings, we hear and feel the music, we explore places and feel every vibe and every word. For this, we are lucky.
Wedding Destination - Amalfi - Belmond Hotel Caruso
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