Выбор редакции
Победитель Битвы недели
30 марта — 5 апреля 2019 г.
Выбор редакции
Выбор редакции
Видеограф Valerio D'Andrassi
Рим, Италия

Ama Me Fideliter

Every wedding, every trailer, every wedding movie is a new experience. Feel something new, new colors, new nuances, new sounds, new stories. This one, the story of Almudena & Peter has a special, unique mood.
Maybe the wonderful setting of Verona, land of Romeo & Juliet that makes everything so romantic.
Maybe the soundtrack: a lovely Georgian folk song singed and performed by the famous baritone Gocha Abuladze who makes everything so intimate and unrepeatable.
Maybe the beauty, the gentleness and the complicity of these two spouses that makes everything suspended in an eternal, infinite moment.
Good vision
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