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Відео дня
4 травня 2017 р.
Вибір редакції
Відеограф Alain Dax Victorino
Рино, США
Відео дня
Вибір редакції
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в Битвах тижня
Сумарний бал за 20
найрейтинговіших відео
за останні два роки


“Our love is a fairytale come to life, and yet it seems like fantasy that we are here today, finally fulfilling our childhood dreams…”
Her beautiful eyes sparkled as she gazed at her real Prince Charming, the gentleman who delicately held her soft hands. His eyes were covered by a tie for their First Touch, and he was softly whispering a prayer for their marriage. As his gentle voice blended with the morning air, a tear escaped from the cloth on his eyes.
They have made it.
They cannot believe how they, middle school sweethearts and each other’s first loves, are finally going to celebrate their childhood dreams coming true - their marriage, at last. Look how far they have come!
From the first time they locked eyes at his best friend’s dance studio at 12 years old, they have been through it all: from the “awkward” puppy love days of having their families chaperoning them to their dates, getting their driver’s licenses together, being dog parents to Harlow, working together as life guards, graduating, becoming adults who chased their dream careers, and to finally getting engaged in front of their family on a Christmas morning...these kind souls’ story have always grown stronger when others couldn’t.
Their fairytale-like story as a Disneyland loving couple was reflected well throughout their forest themed wedding day, and they exchanged their vows by her family’s beach-side property, in front of their family and friends no less.
Their wedding was an enchanting day, that was made even more magical because of their enduring hearts and their legacy that will begin thereafter.
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