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Відео дня
4 травня 2017 р.
Вибір редакції
Відеограф Alain Dax Victorino
Рино, США
Відео дня
Вибір редакції
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в Битвах тижня
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найрейтинговіших відео
за останні два роки


“…And when our hairs are gray, and our hands are wrinkled, I hope to look back at the life we created and smiled at all we’ve accomplished. I can’t wait to live until forever with you…”
The Tahoe skies blew stronger on Erika and Louis’ wedding day. The West Shores’ waves were even too ecstatic as they hit the cafe’s docks as quiet chatters about raining filled the getting ready rooms. The bride and groom kept smiling, however.
Suddenly, the clouds truly cleared out to reveal the beaming Erika walking the aisle with her dear mom by her side.
And she was the most stunning of all, just like when the kind-hearted Louis first saw this glowing well-spoken woman of his dreams. Both told us that their connection, even on their first dates, is so strong that they immediately knew that they’re exactly what they have been waiting for all their lives.
It seems everything agrees on that because here they were, exchanging their vows, finally. There was no doubt that after all the sunny joys and cloudy dark moments that they have been through together, they have succeeded and they will succeed everyday, even this moody day.
We’re not sure how this beautiful couple did it, but it almost felt like the Tahoe weather glowed and waited for their ceremony to complete before it decided to rain. Someone up there must really love these two so much that afterwards, they were even gifted by big rainbows throughout the evening!
Just like how Erika and Louis will always be each other’s rainbows.
Thank you, Erika and Louis for inviting us into your beautiful day and family! We can’t wait for you to love even harder as life gifts you many adventures to come! Cheers!
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