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Відеограф Claudio Polotto
Венеція, Італія
Number of winnings
in Main Contests
Відео дня
Вибір редакції
Кількість перемог
в Битвах тижня
Сумарний бал за 20
найрейтинговіших відео
за останні два роки


TAGFOR is the ideal way to communicate effectively with the local target.
Every day millions of people enter bars, shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. and get in touch with advertiser promotions!
With an investment much less expensive than other means (social networks, traditional mass media), TAGFOR allows advertisers to publish their promotions wherever they want and when they want, measuring their effectiveness (redemption) and users feedback in real time.
TAGFOR helps you find new customers!
Your promotion is conveyed with a message to consumers, in areas near your business, and this is more effective than any traditional form of communication (leaflet, posts on social media, advertising on local radio and TV).
Finding new customers and building the loyalty of existing ones is therefore a simple activity and, above all, measurable in real time.
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