The Moszna Horse Stud | Official Promo Video

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London, United Kingdom
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The history of the Moszna Horse Stud starts in 1948, when the antique estate complex of count von Tiele-Winckler has been made home for 25 English bloodstock. Moszna is currently the largest sport horse breeding centre in Poland, with over two hundred horses. Thoroughbred horses bred at S.K. Moszna have been very successful on racetracks in Poland and abroad. In our video you can watch Tiumen - the horse who won "the Velka Pardubicka" - an extremely difficult horse race, three times in a row! Noble half-blood horses bred in Moszna have won many prestigious awards including numerous “Polish Champion” awards, and have participated in international dressage and three day events, including at the Beijing and London Olympics. S.K. Moszna also offers well know summer riding camps, jumping lesson, and individual and group horse riding lessons. There is something more - Moszna is an absolutely stunning place. We were blown away by the wonderful location - the castle, historical park, styli


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