The Lucca Wedding - Movie Highlights

Videographer Paul Ortiz
San Francisco, CA, United States
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We think it’s safe to say that there is nothing more romantic as a wedding under the Tuscan sun. A true fairytale wedding in the beautiful Tuscany region of Italy took place on October 9, 2014. Scott, Sophie & Jocelyn Piper invited their closest friends and family to a rustic family villa, Casale de Pasquinelli in Lucca, Italy to celebrate their nuptials and blending of their new family. The gorgeous landscape and backdrop, elegant styling and details, smiles, tears & love every moment of every day made this an experience that their guests will remember for a lifetime. It was a dream come true for Sophie & Scott: it was about the blending of two families, the reverence to family and culture and the simple combination of romance, details & love, that resulted in a week-long experience that was utterly speech-defying in its beauty…on soooo many levels. Imagine Tuscan sunsets, farm-to-table dinners, endless wine, a VIP guest list, a sweet duo and breath-taking landscapes… Welcome to


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