WEVA采访了来自 巴克乌, 罗马尼亚 的婚礼摄像师 Marius Zaharia, 照片数量 1
In most of the events I work alone, surely when I work I work in team. I do not have a studio where I work, I work from home.
Wedding videographer is four years but in the video field I have a 10 years experience.
The idea of ​​becoming a wedding videographer was after a season I made for a company and then I said why not do the same thing for me. That motivated me even more to work and evolve.
My favorite part and here I refer to the wedding day is at the church why I say this because - I think there are the biggest emotions and there as a videographer I can get the most out of them. For now, I have no other business
Surely any videogame community is beneficial and only unity can evolve and grow in the field
A very good opinion and this is seen in the work of my colleagues.
Great success to be as creative as possible!
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