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When I was a teenager I wanted to become a rockstar, growing up I understood that I was a better music listener than a composer.
I started making videos when I was studying at the university. I found out that it was a way of mixing my passion for music with moving images and that I could tell stories with it.
After a couple of years, I started to shoot weddings and from that moment I never stopped loving this job.
I’m an easygoing person, I’m comfortable in most of the occasions and people usually feel at ease having me around. I’m honest and I like to know people for what they are.
The thing I love the most is traveling, mainly on the road. For me is the best way to go out of my comfort zone and learn from all the different people I meet.
I can define myself also as a nerd: I’m crazy for all that is sci-fi and fantasy, from Asimov to Dungeons & Dragons (just roll the dice!). There’s nothing better than a good movie and another chapter of the latest saga before going to bed!
My cameras which I use: Sony Mirrorless.