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Small - big family Zdravko, Andrew and Nina who lives his job since 2007. Simple We are open and accessible. Always please us photos, a good film, design and art, but find time for sports.
Testimonials: "Freaky, always smiling, simple and creative, too much work"!
Female part loves: cats, coffee, chocolate, inetrijera design, typography, rock and jazz, smiling and simple people, retro items, documentaries, pilates, computers, Mediterranean and vegetarian food, feng shui, books, design for marketing purposes, and summer colors.
Male part loves: cats and other animals, computers, rock, jokes and comedy series, fishing and nature, neatness and perfect accuracy, small tools and screws, meat and better half.
We do not like: disorganization, lack of style and general culture.
The goal: to have more time to travel outside our country, every day to learn something new.
Regularly monitor foreign markets (wedding website) and we try to always be "in step" with what is new, modern and diffe
My cameras which I use: Canon DSLR, GoPro Action Cam.