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My name is Pier Angelo Carchedi, class 1976. I was born in Turin, but I currently live in the province of Asti.
I move in this area ever since. First as a photographer and then in 1998, when I started following televised events on broadcast productions, I finally became a filmmaker. The support to directors of a certain caliber helped to raise me as a person and professional.
Over the years I have managed to turn a passion into my current profession. My goal is to be able to relive the most important moments. Through my lens I move into the scene, looking for the best way to tell what is happening. I pursue the particulars and I try to capture unique moments, the curious aspect and peculiarities of each situation. It’s not just shooting, but the telling of a story with his own load of emotions. A passion for cinema leads me to use film techniques and cinematographic languages.
Realisation story telling, spot advertising video corporate video, presentations of multimedia products, vi
My cameras which I use: Sony Camcorder, Sony DSLR.