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Claudio Sichel

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The video is my way of communicating and expressing an idea of a moment of life, an emotion, a detail, an expression that catches my attention. I find it fascinating to make it through the video the intensity of the feelings that lie beyond the image.
I like to travel to get in touch with people and places that give me new point of view on life and on my work.
Every marriage and every married couple are an opportunity to tell a unique story.
It 'a pleasure to "recreate" through the eye of the camera the atmosphere and emotions that make your memorable day so special.
DAMS Visual Arts Degree
Diploma of video editing at Film Academy of Bologna.
Master ESF "Movie & TV Producer" of the Veneto Region.
For more than eight years working as a filmmaker in the world of video production; I make music videos, news reports and documentaries for companies, some of which were aired on major national channels such as RAI, Mediastet, and Sky. I shot documentaries in the United States, Brazil, India and Europe.
Recent Awards:
YICCA contemporary art exibithion 2013
Selected artist
The Red House gallery
Sofia - Bulgary
Mestre Film Fest - Short Stories
Special Award and Special Mention
Candiani Cultural Center
Venice - Italy
Mist – videos festival-
Music video screening
Quay Arts Contemporary Art Gallery
Newport - Wight Island -UK
Genero-tv international music video contest - Finalist video
Animals- Animated music video for Muse international UK rock band.
My cameras which I use: Canon Camcorder, Panasonic Mirrorless.