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grigore nimigean

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Hi , I'm Grigore my friends & my family call me 'Grigo'. I starting to do videos since 2011 , like movies ,weddings ,music video, comercial's etc
the reason to make video is cause i like art, i write poetry ,songs,i painting sometimes but movies & Cinematography is so amazing for me.
about how i work, 99 % of my weddings are shoot by my self with two cameras or 3, professional audio recorder , camera gears like tripods, monopod , steadycam , slider , drone etc.
my prices are starting from low to medium , it depends what people want, sometimes i get my second videographer with me which is my brother to help me for any extra shoots , or if the clients want extra staff for more angles covered depends off weddings small or bigger.

i like to spend more time for editing for high performance of my videos as you see.
thanks for watching me