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Pawel Janaszkiewicz

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In our videos and photos, due to our sensitivity and the way we perceive the world, people and emotions accompanying them are in the foreground.
On such a special occasion like a wedding day, atmosphere changes as in a kaleidoscope – there is room for happiness and emotion, as well as for tension and anxiety. It is a day rich in events that altogether create a beautiful romantic story.
Our goal is to tell this story in an original and absorbing way, to show diversity of sensations and events as well as unique places, clothes, and decorations – everything that makes each wedding special.
Both videos and photos we make are characterized by almost ascetic simplicity. We rely on elegance and do not give in to the pressure of season fashion. At the same time, we are constantly developing and looking for new solutions. We want our works to be still impressing and touching after many years.
Our team has 9 years of experience, which we want to share with you.