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John Stathopoulos

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I was fascinating by TV commercial services and digital editing since I was still a child where this kind of technology was still at its beginning.
I’ve started very young as a hobby, on filming and editing personal topics that I like and when I realized that this is something I am very good at, I decided to take it to the next level. That’s why I fulfill my studies in England, in Staffordshire University. I learn there, how technology changes dramatically every day in a highly competitive environment like this one and that if I wanted to make the difference, the secret would be in the innovative ideas. I consider myself to be a very innovative person, hard worker and definitely the man whose job makes the difference.
I am a professional filming director and I combine my music educational environment with filming by creating music for my films.
In particular I worked with several production companies like Planetworks (as a main producer in “ ΑΓΝΩΣΤΩΝ ΣΤΟΙΧΕΙΩΝ ” music group & hedroom studios as a Co-producer with Giannikopoulos Kostas

2004 – Present
Specialized in product photogrpaphy & filming ,coprporate photography & filming, modeling photography & filming, fashion photography & filming, aerial photography & filming, documentary photography & filming

Hedroom studios
music & tv commercial production company
co-producer in music production and filming

Social Media Manager & Public Relations manager at “Polka-Froelen” (educational organization) based at Kifisia - Greece
Lecturer in multimedia applications at “Polka-Froelen” (educational organization) based at Kifisia - Greece
Lecturing in the elementary school in kids 6-11 years of age
Planetworks music Production Company
Main producer on the music group of “ΑΓΝΩΣΤΩΝ ΣΤΟΙΧΕΙΩΝ”
My cameras which I use: Panasonic Mirrorless, DJI Drone.