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Pier-Yves Menkhoff

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• Pier-Yves Menkhoff is Video Director and Independent Journalist. He created his Video Production Company in 1994. She is based in Paris with satellite offices in Brussels & Geneva. As a Video Journalist, he has long contributed to the magazines SVM Mac, MacWorld, Caméra Vidéo, La Nouvelle Revue du Son, Photo, Sciences & Vie, etc. He is the author of short films, corporate films, event, interview, fashion, documentaries... He likes to travel. He has lived and worked in Europe, USA and Asia.
• About Wedding, we are passionate about LOVE STORIES, seeking to capture the moments that touch the heart. We take great care to provide you with exceptional cinematic memories. We apply an artistic approach to your event. NO ONE POSE during the Event. NO SPECIAL EFFECTS to the Editing. Authenticity and NATURALNESS are respected.
• Since 1994, your Events lead us everywhere in FRANCE, but also to BELGIUM, CANADA, CHINA, GERMANY, GREECE, ITALY, KOREA, MOROCCO, PORTUGAL, SWITZERLAND, UK, USA… Merci.
My cameras which I use: Panasonic Mirrorless, Sony Mirrorless.