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Khvicha Kontselidze

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Everything that has to do with image and aesthetics fascinates me. I love the grandeur of being able to capture the moment and enclose it into a video sequence.
My films are a custom-tailored product, specifically sewn around the story of the wedding of which I am a spectator.
It is like a customized suit which perfectly fits the newlyweds who are in front of my camera.

At age 15, I spent all of my savings to buy my first DSLR camera.
It was love at first sight.
I tirelessly look for the most cutting-edge innovations of the sector, in terms of style, technique, and equipment.
I collaborate with many Georgian photographers and videographers and I am a member of several associations which are linked to the world of photography and video.
My cameras which I use: Sony Mirrorless, DJI Drone, Sony Cinema.