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4 May 2017
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Videographer Alain Dax Victorino
Reno, NV, United States
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A Heartfelt Edgewood Tahoe Wedding | Nora and Brian

“You’ve often said that I am confident, but it is YOU that has given me this confidence. I wanted nothing more but to give you that same love and support from now to the rest of our lives!”
Five sweet kids.
It was just a normal evening in with their mutual friends, but these two brilliant strangers bonded over the odds that they hold the same number of kids that they foresee in their lives. As Nora and Brian’s small talk sparked into deeper conversations that night, it became palpable that the other person is their very own elusive soul mate finally found.
Nora felt the intelligent gentleman is her dearest dream come true; for Brian, she is the kind beauty who illuminates his life unlike any other. Their relationship and mutual love of life gleamed even over other people, changing lives within their circle of influence.
And it’s fitting that they begun their engagement on one cold evening, encompassed with open-hearted brethren, in Black Rock City at Burning Man. We have no doubts that these two adventurers at heart will scintillate their future children’s, families’ and even strangers’ lives with their new legacy as husband and wife.
Nora and Brian, we are forever grateful for the trust and love you have given us throughout your engagement days to the first days of your marriage! We have nothing but awe with how you treat each other and we wish you all the best for your growing family with future five kids! We love you guys and keep being yourselves - you are both light in this world!
Edgewood Tahoe
Photographer: Calvin and Fielding, Calvin Hobson Photography
Filmmakers: Dax, Pao and Roman, Dax Victorino Films
Makeup Artist: Sarah Gutierrez, Maid of Honor
Hair Artist: Sessions Salon
Florist: Shirley, Rose Petals
Cake Artist: Megan Hein
DJ / Entertainment: KC, All About Music
Officiant: Denise Sheehan
Bridal Dress Designer / Boutique: Augusta Jones, Swoon
Groom's Formalwear: Men’s Wearhouse
Visit Dax Victorino Films daxvictorinofilms.com for more thoughtfully captured real love stories :)


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