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Teaser: Samir + Atva / Marrakech

Okay, so this teaser got a little bit out of hand..
It’s not very often we get to witness a love as strong and as beautiful as Samir & Atva’s - let alone be invited to join them, their family and their friends in Marrakech, Morocco for their wedding. And to top it all we were able to experience all this with our good friends Raisa and Nailla!
Weddings in Morocco must be where the term ‘picture perfect’ stems from - because this was perfect in so many ways. We’re in awe of the surroundings, of Morocco’s people and of it’s nature.
We’re struck by the love, the passion and the respect Samir & Atva have for each other. And most of all: we are so $#@!(* excited to share this teaser with you!
(And what's really cool - this teaser only contains a single shot from the actual wedding day itself! Just imagine how much more epic material we have..)
Thanks for watching!


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