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24 February — 2 March 2018
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29 January 2018
Videographer Innar Hunt
Tallinn, Estonia
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Doris & Lincoln // wedding in Laitse Granite Villa, Estonia

It's amazing how the paths can sometimes cross in the most unexpected way.
Let me tell you a story.
I was attending volleyball game with my son and we were thrilled with how an Aussie with no. "12" was tearing up the oppositon in Estonian Championship finals. "Wow, he is good" my son said.
I was wondering what has attracked the Aussie to play in Estonia for several years. The answer came few days later when Doris contacted me and asked if I was available to film her wedding. Of course I was available to capture the wedding of volleyball family - Doris and no. "12" Lincoln :)
My son is really proud!


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