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3 November 2017
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25 — 31 January 2018
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29 January 2018
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29 January 2018
Videographer Innar Hunt
Tallinn, Estonia
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Ivy & Florian // wedding in Stevns Klint, Denmark

Ms. Philippines meets Mr. Germany at the extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage Site in Stevns Klint, Denmark.
An emotional love story of Ivy and Florian goes back several years when Ivy first visited Munich and fell in love with the city. It wasn't until her last 2 days of her second visit when she met Florian and they fell in love.
"Is this real?" she was asking. Ivy answered the question herself in the 13th Century Old Højerup Church which stands at the top of the Stevns Klint and dates back to the year 1200. That was the wedding day witnessed by their closest friends and family that had gathered in this magnificent coastal area and a breathtaking view over the Baltic Sea, no words can describe it.


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