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Hand Heart & Love || Balraj : Lauren || Highlights Film

"Memories fade but our wedding video will last forever"
Why Do You Want to Capture Your Wedding on Video?:
We are all about photos and videos. We always look back at our old videos and think of all the fun we had. Memories fade but our wedding video will last forever and we want to share this video with our future children one day.
Describe The Proposal?:
Bal planned the proposal to take place in Santorini. It was the most perfect setting overlooking the whole of Santorini. He had a balcony sealed off so we have complete privacy and thought of every tiny detail right down to what chairs we were sitting on so he could be close to me. He even hired a photographer & videographer to record everything (although the video quality is questionable lol). I can only describe it as perfect in every way. He even asked my mums & grans permission before he done anything which I think is incredibly sweet.
The venue(s), why this place above anywhere else:
Lauren is a total history buff and we both love the vibe of Edinburgh. As soon as we walked into the Waldorf Astoria we knew this was the venue for us. It has the both the history and modern vibe we were both looking for. Within peacock Alley there is a clock that has been there since the building was built (originally a train station) and it is set 5 minutes fast so that the public weren’t late for their trains.
Photographer: Craig & Eva Sanders
Florist: Mood Flowers
String Quartet: Capella String Quartet
DJ: Devotion DJ
Hair: Cameo
Makeup: Louise Ballantine
Dhol Players: VIP Dhols


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