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Prague, Czech Republic
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Backstage video - newborn short film - Linda & Lucie

So I did not want to .... because I myself was out of the way. I still remember how bad it was in the morning and I thought I was going to let it all go ... I finally said I had to crush my teeth for a children's memorial. I thought it was going to crash, it was incredibly bad ... at home from the hospital I was not even 24 hours, and then I overstated somewhat the strength ... finally, the hairdresser and the make-up artist were unnecessary because I barely crawled and shuddered that it would not work so I said that I will not take pictures but the children .. Hanička it with a sign and can overcome me and eventually conjured such a wonderful photo I would kiss her hands .. Video to remember that I just looked 5 days after the emperor .. And because the rest of the family is great in there, the video with Mickey was very good, the photos of Haničky jakbysmet .. my teeth again, I courage and share it with you .. Mums after the Emperor can understand and nerds will laugh so anyway ... But I was really glad to have managed to prepare and wrap the twins ... and get there in the bow ... Then everything was under the handsome Hanička and I had to work just to endure to g and I did not need anything else. 🙂 Thank you both for the beautiful memory.


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