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20 June 2018
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15 — 21 November 2018
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17 March 2018
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3 — 9 August 2018
Videographer Innar Hunt
Tallinn, Estonia
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Helen & Alar // magical autumn wedding on the Baltic coast

How can you not love when everything comes together on the autumn wedding day – the weather, the colors, the couple and amazing guests!
This is what Helen and Alar experienced when they were ready for everything that October in Estonia can throw at them but ended up with the autumn magic that even the most beautiful summer can’t beat!
Full post with the video:
Wedding venue: Ruhe with it's stunning seaside
MUA: Jenni Korjus
Officiant: Peep-Ain Saar
Photographer: Karen Harms Photography
Wedding band: Karl-Kristjan Kingi band
Wedding film by Innar Hunt Films


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