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16 April 2018
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Videographer Hugo Sousa Films
Lisboa, Portugal
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Camilla & Hugo / Marrakech Wedding

This is the story of Camilla and Hugo's beautiful and wild wedding in Marrakech.
A Concept by:
Flower decoration:
Bridal Dress:
Groom Dress:
Invited artist: Elisabeth Troy
DJ: Carly Foxx
MUA: Sonia Shu


    • Videographer Alex Ost
      Good Job , Congratulations !!!
      Like my videos and Follow me please...
    • Videographer Logic FreeMind
      Looks nice. You have like from me
      Beautifull style.
    • Videographer FR Wedding Story
      Amazing editing. So clean shots. You have like and follow me please.
    • Videographer Влад Ломохоф
      тот самый клип, который когда смотришь не думаешь: "Ну когда же он закончится?" такие клипы хочется пересматривать, пересматривать, пересматривать...
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